Service Dog Training ( Australia )


Service Dog Training, helping people with physical, mental or learning disabilities (incl. Autism) train their own dogs to assistance / service dog standard.  Melbourne, Australia based using TOP DOG training materials.  Training services provided on cost recovery only basis; training assistance pro-bono by certified reward based dog trainer and trainer of people to become dog trainers.



Training your own service dog for self-reliance and freedom

Service DogTraining formed in 2008 to try and address the increasing need for people with disabilities to access assistance / service dogs. Service dogs are trained to improve their specific owner’s independence and confidence by assisting them with a range of daily living tasks.

After extensive research, Service DogTraining partnered with TOP DOG USA, an organisation which, for over 23 years, has been training disabled people to train their own dogs. Their programmes, with which Service DogTraining works, are designed to teach people with physical disabilities how to train their own dogs to become service dogs.

Service DogTraining was started by Hans van Heesbeen, certified dog trainer and trainer of people to become a dog trainer. Hans has numerous clients for whom the dog plays a very important role in their development and well-being, particularly those with physical, mental or learning disabilities. The joy of seeing a partnership blossom was the catalyst for Hans to expand into this specialist field.

Service DogTraining is the not-for-profit (cost recovery only) arm of Hans’ dog training interests, and is generously supported by other like- minded organisations, keen to combine and jointly assist as many people as possible to be self-reliant – and join our program.

In August 2011, Hans, on behalf of Service DogTraining became an approved training institution (Assistance Dogs) under the Queensland Government’s Section 71(4) of the Guide, hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009. Please visit further details.

Service Dog Training
A trading division of K9Coach Pty Ltd
21 Sixth Ave, Burwood VIC 3125
Ph: 61 3 9889 8555
Fax: 61 3 9889 8333
Email: info@servicedogtraining.com.au

Skype: hansvan2


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