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EXPLORE THE AATInternational PawSibilities


AATI PAWsibilities (Animal Assisted Therapy International ) is an Animal- Assisted Therapy Center specializing in rehabilitation and therapy with Animals at International level .

We have worked for many years as a Rehabilitation Counselors  ( with all types of pathologies and ages )  in  countries  such Argentina , Israel & Canada

AATI provides animal assisted Therapy for clients with special needs in English , Spanish & Hebrew Languages . The goal of the Therapy is the physical Rehabilitation , cognitive, emotional, social , Mental and leisure development of the participants. Those who enjoy variety, challenge and interaction with companion animals will find the possibility to Stimulate, Rehabilitate , Learn and have Fun in the same time !

we offer Social Integration, Physical And Mental Rehabilitation , Therapies , Dance Therapy .Communication Therapy , arts , Therapy games, music-therapy, expressive arts , and more – all alongside pet therapy animals.

A wide range of human health professionals and practitioners recognize what many people in the animal caregiving fields and everyday pet owners have known for years: that pets can be good for our health and well-being. Companion animals are being introduced into the therapeutic regimens of nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, behavioral health programs and others. Therapeutic riding improves the motor skills and coordination of the physically challenged. Pets help inmates in correctional facilities and juvenile offenders to learn empathy and compassion. Dogs can help reluctant readers read. Seniors have discovered that a pet can help them maintain independent living. Military veterans are using therapy dogs and horses to help them cope with ADHD. Canine exercise programs are helping people overcome obesity. In short, wherever people have special needs, someone with passion and an animal with the proper temperament can create an imaginative way to being pets and people together for mutual benefit. GIVE the PAWsibility with AATI ( Animal Assisted Therapy International)

At AATInternational we provide professional Animal Assisted Therapy Sessions ,  courses nationally and internationally , professional counselling and More .

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is not the same as Animal Assisted Activities (AAA), where volunteers bring their animals to visit with individuals in need. While Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a relatively new field, much research has been conducted that demonstrates the power that animals can have in the emotional and physical healing of people. Animal Assisted Therapy has been demonstrated to be highly effective for Child Counseling, Child psychotherapy , Teen Counseling ,Teen Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling &Marital Therapy,Family Therapy As well As Individual Counseling And Individual Psychotherapy  .

Research has demonstrated that Animal Assisted Therapy is also very effective for treating Veterans , Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, attachment issues, and numerous other common concerns of our clients.

For some clients, all that is needed is to have an animal present in the room for them to feel calmer and more open. This can be true for adults, couples and families, as well as with children and seniors. In addition to their presence, animals can be integrated to develop specific interventions, aimed at meeting pre-determined therapeutic goals.

Some Studies have shown that:

  • The presence of animals lowers anxiety
  • Animals teach gentleness, caring and responsibility
  • Petting animals reduces stress
  • An animal’s presence can lower blood pressure
  • Children are more open and receptive when animals are present
  • Rapport building can be facilitated with children and teenagers
  • Self esteem can be enhanced through interaction with animals
  • Children with autism develop more pro social behaviors through the use of animals
  • Animals can be used to enhance language and cognition
  • Attachment related receptivity can be enhanced with the use of animals
  • Healthy boundary development can be taught using animals
  • Animals can help reduce loneliness
  • The presence of animals can help to draw attention outward, thus mitigating

    • Anxiety
    • Anger
    • Depression
    • Physical Pain

It is our aim at AATInternational to continue to learn of the benefits of animal assisted therapy for the help of our clients, and to develop creative, effective, and fun interventions whenever possible.

 Animal Assisted Therapy Professional Counselors

At Animal Assisted Therapy International we have highly trained and experienced Licensed Counselors  each of whom works within their own area of specialty

  We practice professional counseling and traditional therapy, while supplementing your treatment with the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.

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* Special thanks to the AATI team work for making our dream possible

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around the world in needs giving them

 AAT sessions and training at free Cost.

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Michelle Levin

AATI  Founder
Debbie Faingold