Why Use Dogs

Dog and Man – A Special friendship

The bond shared by man and dog is indeed a magical and mysterious one. Nowadays, most dogs are domesticated and are dependant on humans. Man rears dogs, trains them and even develops new breeds that would have not existed without his intervention. The bond between man and dog is “exploited” for various purposes: herding sheep and cattle, house pets, racing and more. Recently, man has discovered therapeutically beneficial possibilities, latent in the bond between man and dog. The dog depends on its human caretaker for his survival: nourishment, drink, exercise and hygiene. For humans, this is a true opportunity to take responsibility and to get involved. The dog, being a creature who loves to play, is able to approach what we refer to as work, as game. As such, he is easy to train and readily obeys commands, even from children.

For man, who mostly tends to take orders, the reversal of roles from one who takes orders to one who gives them, allows him a great opportunity to feel capable, experience control over the environment and develop a positive self image and confidence.


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