About ATTInternational

    We are an international institution with many years experience Working in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT )

We work with children’s from 6 month old to Adults Peoples with any Pathology such as

–  Down syndrome ,
_ Autism ADD/ADHD,
– Asperger syndrome ,
– Dyslexia,
– Cerebral palsy (CP )
– Intellectual disability
& Much More

– Mental Disabilities

Mental Illness )

– Alzheimer’s Disease
– Anxiety Disorder
– Bipolar Disorder
– Depression
– Dyscalculia
– Learning Disabilities
– Memory Loss
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
– Phobias
– Schizophrenia
_ Psychosis
& much more

Physical Disabilities

– Visual Impairment
– Hearing Loss
-Mobility Impairment
Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
degenerative diseases
And much more

Child Welfare

Community development,

Socio-economic needs or conditions, 

Family Preservation, mediation & Reunification

Geriatric Rehabilitation Homes etc

Substance Abuse / Addictions
Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
& Others

I have worked for many years in Argentina, Israel and Canada .
Working In different s Countries helped me get the best skills , gave me the best tools & good Professional training .
Today I am so Happy Helping Adults , children’s and Families s lead a better lifestyle , integration & happiness !!
We are so happy to be part of your LIFE!!

I Have many year experience working as a rehabilitation Counselor in the Zorroka Hospital in Israel and Neved MItbar rehabilitation Home(ISrael) and Clinic of Cuidados Continuos in Argentina , Dance Therapist with adult with mental illness and children with disabilities ( Israel ) , Social Integration , early childhood & Animal Assisted Therapy Israel – Canada .

Because My Experience I see the benefits of The AAT and his therapeutic effects of human-animal relationships , These can be related to changes in physical health as well. An initial study conducted by Friedmann et al. (1980) on coronary heart disease patients suggested that pet owners lived longer than people who did not own pets. They believed this occurred for several reasons. First, owning an animal demands a lot of work and a regular routine. This sense of responsibility can be beneficial for individuals who are retired and do not have any kind of scheduled activity for the day. Second, pets can provide full love and attention unconditionally, unlike humans that often bring negative emotions to a relationship. Humans also demand speech in interactions, while communication with pets can often occur without a spoken word. Finally, maintaining one’s attention on a fish or an animal playing can have a relaxing effect in the same way as holding attention in mediation. Overall, there is a sense of companionship and stress-relief in pet ownership. The results from this research and the theories it provided then provided the basis for several other studies . .

In 1988, a study conducted by Julia K. Vormbrock and John M. Grossberg reviewed the physiological effects of petting and talking to dogs. The patients were first selected for positive or neutral opinions of dogs. The researchers discovered that blood pressure was lowest while petting the dogs, slightly higher when talking to the dogs, and highest when speaking with the experimenter. This reduction in blood pressure is important news for individuals with hypertension, and this simple alternative to medicine could be helpful for patients.

Explore the PawSIBILITIES !!!


2 responses

  1. Amy Jo Caruso

    I need help badly. I have MS, diagnosed 14 years ago, and it has become worse. I desperately need a therapy/balance dog, need somewhere to live who will accept my new friend who will give me so much other than balance. I would move anywhere, live anywhere to have my life back. I am 47 and have become a recluse. For almost one year I have been married to the man I have been in love with for years, so happy! But, with my eyesight diminishing and my balance being so bad, I really need an angel who will help. Again, I will do anything, help with training, will move to where we need to go, anything just please help. My husband is on disability ($700.00) per month. I applied for disability two years ago, finally court date 10/29/2014, Binder & Binder is my lawyer. I was a professional acute care medical transcriptionist for 25 years and cannot do much of anything now. I’m such a fun-spirited gal, and I have become so down with my limitations. Someone reach out and call me and help!

    September 5, 2014 at 4:01 pm

  2. Hi, Witch country do you live ? If you have disability certification you can received an already trained service dog just depend where do you live .
    Contact us by email and will see how We could help you
    Best regards

    September 14, 2014 at 5:02 am

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